Gear Pumps

Reliable Solutions for Viscous Materials

Find reliable and efficient pumping solutions designed to handle a variety of viscous materials. Our gear pumps are ideal for applications involving gasoline, asphalt, molasses, ink, roofing compound, and oils. Constructed with heavy-duty cast-iron helical gears, these pumps offer bi-directional operation and self-priming capabilities, making them versatile and reliable for a wide range of applications.

General Applications

Our gear pumps are commonly used for mixing, blending, and recirculating heavy viscous materials in both fixed and mobile transfer applications. Whether you’re transferring fluids in a manufacturing plant or recirculating materials in a processing facility, our gear pumps provide efficient and consistent performance, ensuring smooth operation and reliable results.

Applications Across Industries

Gear pumps find applications in numerous industries, including:
  • Foam Rubber Production
  • Latex Rubber Manufacturing
  • Cement Enamel Production
  • Paper Pulp Processing
  • Wax and Polish Manufacturing
  • Crude Oil Transfer
  • Starch Cement Production
  • Glue Brine Handling
  • Plaster Processing
  • JP-5 Jet Fuel Transfer
  • Animal Blood and Fat Handling
No matter the industry or application, our gear pumps are engineered to deliver reliable performance and efficient operation, ensuring that your processes run smoothly and efficiently.

Trust San Diego Pump, Inc. for Your Pumping Needs

When it comes to selecting the right pump for your application, trust San Diego Pump, Inc. to provide expert guidance and quality products. Our gear pumps are built to withstand the demands of handling viscous materials, delivering the performance and reliability you need to keep your operations running smoothly. Contact us today to learn more about our gear pumps and how they can benefit your business.